25 August 2015

Apricot + Coconut Balls: Recipe

It was in the middle of a hen weekend when my bestie handed me a jar of protein balls before breakfast. She'd even stuck a sparkler in there to make it hen appropriate.

I munched away and HELLO, ENERGY LEVELS! Suddenly last night's limitless prosecco drinking, Taylor Swift dance routining, inappropriate photoboothing and general lack of sleeping were long forgotten.

In short, I was ready to get back on it and I've been looking into recipes for the little balls of goodness ever since.


17 August 2015

What to wear in Copenhagen

Do you ever fall into a mild panic before traveling somewhere new? You know... what will the locals be wearing / what the heck should you pack etc.

I defsies did before a trip to Copenhagen, mostly because CPH is home to some of the chicest people on the entire planet. I finally crammed a few too many things into my suitcase and spent five days people watching in the beautiful city. Now I'm back, I've put together some suggestions on what to pack for your Danish adventure. I hope it helps!

1. Wear flats
Copenhagen girls aren't ones for heels, even at night, so make like the locals and leave yours at home. Trainers and Birkenstocks are the footwear of choice, with low, block-heeled sandals being the only exception to the rule. Most people explore the city on bike or foot and I was super grateful for my comfy New Balance kicks.


13 August 2015

Kale Apple + Avocado Supergreen Smoothie Recipe

I'm a real fan of smoothies for breakfast, they are so easy to throw together and absolutely packed with amazing nutrients.

Recently I've been using avocado as a base, rather than my go-to banana smoothie recipes, and I'm so pleased with the results! Avocado doesn't just boost the smoothie's health brownie points, it makes it really creamy too. Adding in green powder ramps up the savoury flavour so if you're new to veggie smoothies, maybe try a whole apple to start off with.

Here's my Kale, Apple and Avocado Supergreen Smoothie recipe...


10 August 2015

The Farmhouse at Mackworth: Restaurant Review

There's only one thing to do when you find that the weather has gone all British Summertime on you... pack yourself off in search of a cosy Sunday lunch.

So with the rain beating down and temperatures reaching not-so-sizzling heights, my husband and I pulled up at The Farmhouse at Mackworth.


4 August 2015

Daytrippin' to Fjällbacka

Day three on the Swedish west coast and we decided to branch out, hopping in the car and heading north along the coastline.

We accompanied the scenic drive with some music, tuning into NRJ radio station for a heady mix of Eurotrance and Justin Bieber. Nothing was censored and we were merrily belting out the questionable tunes, expletives and all, in no time.

Then we arrived in Fjällbacka and things took a more serene turn.

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