21 April 2016

Pearl barley, avocado and poached egg lunch of champs

If you're on the hunt for a bright, fresh lunch to match these spring days then this pearl barley, avocado and poached egg recipe should do the trick. It's perfect for times when the sun is up but there's still a chill in the air.

Fibre-rich pearl barley will power you through the afternoon and there are tonnes of other treats in there to make you feel good. Fresh asparagus, peas, red onion, lemon and a happy little egg. Yum! Also, if you want to make this for a packed lunch just top your salad with a boiled egg instead of a poacher.


7 April 2016

Party For One! The Perfect Solo Night In

Getting bored was Not An Option when I was little and, as an only child, that called for some creative thinking. Every member of my Sylvanian Family enjoyed a rich back story and I once spent an afternoon creating fake, fake nails using sellotape and Tipp-Ex. It wasn't my strongest look but I felt hella fly at the time. 

I may not chat to a family of tiny koalas any more (would if I could) but I'm still pretty good at throwing a party for one when I have an evening all to myself. It's all about getting comfortable in your own company, doing the fun stuff you can't usually make time for and chilling the heck out. Pretty simple, really. 

Here are 8 tips to nail your solo night in.


1 April 2016

Ready Steady Glow by Madeleine Shaw Review

Is it just me or does everyone become off-the-richter-scale excited when they get a new cookbook? Because when Madeleine Shaw's Ready, Steady, Glow landed on my desk I may have given the book a little hug. (I definitely did.)

I could pour over new recipes all day long and Madeleine doesn't do just any old recipes... Hers are delicious and healthy. I learned this last year when I reviewed her first fabulous book Get The Glow and it turns out that new kid on the block Ready, Steady, Glow is just as awesome. Behold...

If you're not on the bandwagon yet, Madeleine advocates a nutritious diet packed with lovely gems to get you looking and feeling your best. She shares meal plans, recipes to fit your schedule and her fave yoga moves in Ready, Steady, Glow, as well a food philosophy which I LOVE! It's all about a flexible approach with just a few golden rules, like embracing good fats and not depriving yourself of anything. "Focus on crowding in, not cutting out," she says while wearing a red wrap dress of dreams. 

I'll be chowing my way through the entire book in no time but thought I'd sample of couple of recipes here to coincide with the April release date.

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