17 March 2016

Healthy chocolate recipes to make this Easter

I fell for a Hello Kitty white chocolate egg last Easter. Hello Kitty AND white chocolate! Never mind that it was being marketed at children. Never mind that I am, in fact, an adult... She had to be mine. I tried very hard not to be sad when I took her out of the box and tore off a pretty little ear, ready for demolition. Don't be ridiculous, it's an egg not a person. 

Only, there was a problem. The chocolate was gross. I'd maimed my very own Hello Kitty for a sickly sweet egg which tasted like milk powder. Cue crashing disappointment and a vow to do better next year. And here we are! I've been gathering raw chocolate recipes which tick the seasonal box and won't leave you feeling stodgy / disappointed.


10 March 2016

7 hand luggage beauty essentials for flying

What with work, weekends and wondering if I might secretly be a genius at upcycling (doubtful) there hardly ever seems time to do some beautifying without turning it into a multitasking masterclass. You know... face mask + checking emails. Nail paint + online shopping.

Flying is one of those rare occasions when we get to properly switch off. Floating above the earth means no Instagram! No email! No way to triple check that your hair straighteners are off! But planes are notorious for sucking the goodness out of your skin because recycled air is super dehydrating. And as no one wants to step off a flight with dull skin, I've gathered up the 7 hand luggage essentials to turn your flight into beauty TLC time.

The only other essential? A devil-may-care attitude to being the one onboard smothering yourself in products.


3 March 2016

Buckwheat, chia + coconut granola

Thanks to my inability to pass a whole food shop without buying something, our kitchen cupboards are heaving. The other day a packet of raw buckwheat groats fell out on top of me and their message was clear.

Now you've bought buckwheat flour you are leaving us out! We're great too... Sigh. #leftout.

Feeling a bit guilty - and weirded out that the buckwheat was talking to me - I decided to use up some of the half-empty packets.

I've been wanting to try a homemade granola for a while now, so this seemed like the perfect chance. Using the Hemsley's Buckwheat Crunch and My New Roots' Banana Bread Granola for inspo, I came up with this Buckwheat and Coconut Granola.

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