6 October 2016

Lindsey Kelk "We Were On A Break" blog tour and Q&A

Good news book fans! Lindsey Kelk is back with a brand new novel and some shiny new characters to boot. I've been sinking my teeth into We Were On A Break and, let me tell you, it's another LK corker.

Here's the sitch: Liv and her boyfriend Adam are on vacay and she's convinced he's going to propose. Only their romantic last night in Mexico goes spectacularly wrong and he ends up suggesting a temporary split instead. Ouch. Cue awkward moments, misunderstandings and a whole lotta will-they-won't-they.

The book is written with Lindsey's usual funny, fast-paced style and she's thrown in a few new twists to keep us on our toes. With On A Break we get to hear a male voice for the first time as Adam and Liv switch narration through the book. This totally took me by surprise at first but it's such a great idea, you get a brilliant insight into Liv and Adam's different takes on their romance dramaz.

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