27 July 2015

Sunsets in Smögen

After the obligatory three course breakfast, day two in Smögen involved boarding the world's cutest ferry and cruising over to Hållö.

All aboard!


24 July 2015

Smögen, West Coast of Sweden

It took just two weeks in Scandinavia to make me realise that I am, in fact, secretly Nordic. Or at least I wish I was. The style, the seafood, the landscape... It's an incredible part of the world.

We flew to Copenhagen and spent a few nights in Denmark before travelling up to Gothenburg in Sweden. After Gothenburg (once you learn how the Swedish pronounce this you will NOT be able to stop saying it) we hired a car and drove an hour north for our third stop.

Smögen on Sweden's Bohuslän coast. This babe...

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