30 March 2015

Over courgetti? Some other veg ideas for yo spiraliser

I've eaten approx 2073 courgettes in courgetti form since I got my spiraliser. And just as I was about about to purchase numbers 2074-5, it dawned on me that maybe it was time to mix things up.

So I got hunting for recipes involving different spiralised veg. Here are my faves...

CUCUMBER makes coodles


23 March 2015

17 ways Saturday is different when you didn't drink on Friday

1. You'll wake up crazy early and feel smug about 'making the most of the day'.

2. When you leave the house there will be no people on the street, only 7 cats, and you'll briefly wonder if there's been an apocalypse.

3. A Walk of Shamer staggers past and you realise that you're not alone.

4. At least 3 of the 7 cats will be like: "Get out of my grill, human."


16 March 2015

24 things that will happen at your school reunion

1. The invite arrives and you play it ice cool. You’ve probably got plans for that weekend in five months' time. You bet you’ll be on holiday or, like, working really hard. You’ll defs be washing your hair.

2. You let the idea tumble around for a bit. Maybs you'll decide next week. 

3. Approximately 12 minutes later you’re emailing your besties from school like: "OMG is everybody up for this can you make it shall we all go?"

4. Turns out everybody is up for it.

5.  Suddenly you’ve commandeered a parent’s house ‘back home’ and you’re planning a prosecco pre-party because duh, no one wants to arrive at the reunion sober.


3 March 2015

Raw Brownie recipe

I've been looking for an alternative to the chocolate bar I munch at night because something that contains 12763 unpronounceable ingredients probs isn't the best way to end a healthy day.

And then oh my days, I saw this recipe for raw brownies by My New Roots and I had to take it out for a spin. It's so simple YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO PUT THE OVEN ON. All you do is blend the heck out of everything in a food processor and five minutes later… hi there, healthy snack.


2 March 2015

The 10 essentials in my makeup bag

I've been lugging around the weight-equivalent of a small child thanks to my hefty makeup bag. Do I really need three different blue eyeliners for a weekend away? No, no I don't.

So I decided to streamline and, drums please, I've whittled my makeup bag down to just TEN essential products!

Now I can fit everything into a smaller, travel-friendly bag and I don't spend hours rummaging around trying to find what I actually need each morning. More time for work coffee! 

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