26 May 2015

How To Pack Light For a Mini-Break: The Cosmetics Edit

Going on a mini break? YES! Got no space left in your bag thanks to All The Clothes? Yup. 

That capsule holiday wardrobe has always eluded me. Even when I'm packing for one night away my bag will be bursting at the seams as I convince myself that more than one breakfast outfit option is a must (it never is). To compensate, my cosmetics bag is lighter than a feather. So, swings and roundabouts! Here's how I pack light for a mini break. 

18 May 2015

7 bargain superfoods

Buzzing around the health food store with armfuls of ingredients is my favourite way to spend a lunch break. Then I potter back home, unpack my health haul and tell myself that £20 on coconut oil is definitely worth it. Think of that summer glow!

But in the interest of not going bankrupt while attempting to eat well, I've been looking into some purse friendly superfoods too.

Here are my 7 favourite bargain superfoods…


11 May 2015

Health kick update

Avocados, bananas, 164 different types of lettuce… My kitchen looks like a mini Whole Foods right now. Side note: wouldn't it be the dream to have a Whole Foods in your own home? Life goals.

Anyway, I've been following my No Candy Before Scandi plans for a while now. I start my days with a spinach smoothie and if I've been for a morning run I'll add in maca powder. Sweet baby jesus, maca is my new favourite health food. It's said to have potent energy and mood-boosting properties and I swear I feel super productive after a maca smoothie.

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