14 September 2018


Well blow me down, it's getting autumnal already! After a gorgeously sun-kissed summer, is anyone else quite keen to dust off their jumpers, chuck a throw or two over the sofa and get cosy? Shall we unravel our scarves together?

As well as all the soft furnishings, now feels like the right time for some autumnal literature. The kind of book that conjures up images of golden leaves and hot chocolate, or just makes you want to curl up with a coffee and read read read. Here are my favourite books so far...


14 August 2018


Author mornings are a little different to the Before Baby Days, now a glorious yet blurry time in my mind when I'd wake up at an acceptable hour, go for a walk before work, hell, maybe even make it to 9am without yoghurt in my hair.

I might get rudely awoken by two tiny emperors these days, and I definitely don't have time to take anything more than a cursory look at my face slash outfit, but I'm always excited to get to my desk and feel incredibly lucky to be able to count book writing as part of my career. So I thought I'd share with you how my working mornings pan out...

7 August 2018


Where you been this summer, boo? Tell me your news! I hope it has been a sizzler.

I've spent 98 per cent of the summer so far in my writing den, 73 per cent watching Love Island and the other 100 per cent (maths is not my strong point) doing some mothering. Oh and at least 2 per cent sunbathing. #Factor50Thick.

So HI HELLO THERE! I've been missing this blawg and thought it was high time I wrote a little update on life.

The past few months have been BI-ZEE, book-wise. First up, The Year of Saying Yes got a stunz summer makeover. Doesn't she look pretty?


16 March 2018

Seven super books for tiny toddlers

Recently I was asked what nursery rhymes I sing to my twins and I was flummoxed. Do I come clean? Or do I pretend to know every single verse of, um, Humpty Dumpty? The truth is, my boys get absolutely zero baby songs from mama. Inappropriate gangster rap with questionable lyrics, on the other hand? I'm afraid so. It's little wonder that they prefer story time to singing time. So when we're not "enjoying" a rousing rendition of No Diggity, these are the current books getting lots of smiles from my tiny toddlers.


21 February 2018

Davina's Kitchen Favourites

Guess who's back? Back again? It's only blooming Davina with a sizzling hot new cookbook! Davina's Kitchen Favourites sets out to provide simple, healthy, refined sugar free recipes for the whole family.

There's a lot to like about this book. Firstly, Davina's enthusiasm for healthy food makes you want to get in dat kitchen asap. Secondly, her thoughts on the word 'healthy' itself are simple and sensible in an industry where things can get a bit bonkers. Davina says: "If you tune out the nonsense and the fad diets and the pseudo-science, there are clear nutritional rules that will help us all live longer and live better." Praise be, b*tch.

This is a book geared to feeding your family, be that little ones or older relatives. I'm currently cooking for my twin toddlers (more on my fave baby cookbooks here) and LOVED the ethos of Davina's Kitchen Favourites. Recipes packed full of fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbs and pulses? Let's gooooo!


29 January 2018

Four actually good baby cookbooks

Baby led? Spoon fed? Getting food into your baby opens up a whole new world of baffling parent phrases and there is so much (too much?) advice out there on how to wean your baby. These are the recipe books I found super helpful both in the early days of weaning and now that my twins are eating All The Food. Like, I think we might need to buy a second fridge.


12 January 2018


Weddings are my crack. Whether it's shaking my tush on the dance floor as a guest, bonding with a best one as bridesmaid or briding the shiz out of my own big day... I just can't get enough!

Which is odd, because I couldn't have been less bothered about getting married, growing up. I didn't force Barbie and Ken into pink, frothy nuptials and I certainly didn't dream about my perfect white dress. But when friends started getting married I was suddenly all in. And now that the tidal wave of weddings has slowed to more of a trickle, I get most of my fix through books.

Here are my top four reads with a wedding theme...


2 January 2018

Why New Year resolutions are the worst

Yours might be super noble and worthy (go you!) but mine are mostly rubbish. Stop eating chocolate. Don’t drink wine for a month. The truth is, none of the lame New Year resolutions I make are ever going stick.  

I mean, it’s January for a start. We’re not even half way through winter, the holidays are over and a zealous commitment to mince pie eating means my favourite jeans are a right old struggle to zip up. It’s literally THE WORST time of year to be stripping out fun things. 

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