8 June 2017

Summer's best bits

I'm currently sat in my office listening to the rain tap-tap-tapping against the skylight windows and clutching a cup of hot water for warmth. And it's JUNE.

So it may not be the most sizzling start to the sixth month of the year, but there are some glimmers of hope. I mean, I went to a barbecue at the weekend and actually wore sunglasses for some of it! To help get in a summery mood, I thought I'd pull together some of my favourite things about the "sunshine" season.


3 June 2017


Here she is! The absolute BABING new cover for my book, The Year of Saying Yes. It's a good job I'm so chic and nonchalant otherwise I'd have shouted "yaaaaasssssss" super loud when I first saw this.*

My book, deliciously described as "the must-read rom-com of the year" on Amazon, first came out in four parts but to celebrate this tasty summer we are stepping into it's now being released as one whole book. 

There are plenty of summery shenanigans to wet your whistle... a very glittery Glastonbury, a mini break on the Cornish coast, champagne-slugging at a food festival and more. I hope the book brings a little sunshine to your summer, even if our British weather doesn't quite deliver. 

*I definitely did do that. 
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