11 March 2022


I often find myself with a hankering for a thriller, specifically something fresh and stylish. I'll take an Agatha Christie for the modern age, please! If you're in the mood for suspense then these two new corkers should do the trick.


I adored The Guest List and Lucy's new release is just as compelling, with plenty of opulent Paris thrown in for good measure. This immersive, atmospheric murder mystery is an absolute must. 

Out now.


An incredibly stylish thriller set in the South of France? Yes please. Lizzie's just cancelled her French wedding but she and her closest friends decide to go on the break anyway, only to find the chateau still set up for her nuptials. When Lizzie goes to bed, her friends celebrate the big day without her... and one is hell-bent on tormenting her. 

You'll read this way past your bedtime, hungry for more. The definition of a page-turner.

Out now.

Thanks to Harper Collins for the advanced copy of The Paris Apartment.

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2 February 2022

NEW FOR 2022

Pre-orders at the ready... these fabulous new books drop in May and are SO worth a read.

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU, Laura Jane Williams

Ruby and Nic are perfect for each other but there's one seismic problem. She's leaving London and he's just arriving. One Night With You is yet another corker from Laura Jane Williams, filled with engaging characters who will come to feel like your real life pals. A dreamy will-they-won't-they. 

This one's out in May and available to pre-order now.


Well, well, well. This is the first time I've read a Laura Kay and it definitely won't be the last. I fell hard for Tell Me Everything. It's about Natasha, a therapist who does not have her stuff together. She's still living with her ex girlfriend and life is kind of messy. Gah! The book serves up plenty of goodness... romance and relationships sit alongside a smart and brilliantly fast-paced plot.

Also out in May and available to pre-order now.

A big ol' thanks to Avon and Quercus for the early reads.

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16 June 2021


Thirties. That third decade where we feel like we ought to have everything sussed and sorted and yet GAH! Making big decisions, wondering if they're the right decisions... phew, it can be a tricky one. 

Thankfully we're all in it together and there are some great books exploring those very themes. Like these two! Happy reading, lovers.

DID YOU MISS ME, Sophia Money-Coutts

It is no secret that I love Sophia, she's fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I just adore the gorgeous warmth of her characters and her sense of unbridled fun. In Did You Miss Me we follow Nell, a successful London lawyer who finds herself pulled back to the family home in Northumberland, where she bumps into her former crush / ruiner of teenage dreams. Will they make amends? Will he question everything she's worked towards? Obviously I'm not going to tell you but this is such a sweet, enchanting book and you really should dive in. 

It lands in August and can be pre-ordered now.

COBBLE HILL, Cecily von Ziegesar

Cecily wrote Gossip Girl which is precisely why I picked up Cobble Hill, although it's not a follow-on and there's no more Serena and Blair here. What we do have are four couples living in a smart part of New York, juggling work and families and everything else that often comes with life in your thirties. There are lots of hilarious moments in the book and one of my favourite characters is the British author, desperately trying to write his much anticipated next novel and coming up with some super weird stuff instead. There's also a famous artist who treats life like a living exhibition and announces her arrival back in New York by birthing herself in a dive bar, cocoon and fake blood and all. So, yeah, it's quite nuts and loads of fun and weirdly reassuring, too. 

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11 June 2021


Publication Day is a little bit like taking your newborn baby home, only instead of being preggers you've spent the past nine months writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing...

Stop it Hannah. 

It can feel a bit like you're trapped in a loop and, now that I've thought of it, I intend for my next book to be some weird sci-fi loop scenario. No wait, I'll stick to the romcoms. I love them. 

Oh my god she's rambling even more than normal! Promise I don't ramble this much in my books. Please buy them.

So, great news, I've been through the book pregnancy and the book labour and I've come out the other side with my newborn book bébé The A to Z of Us. She's here! Today! She's pretty great and some simply gorgeous things have been said about her already, which is lovely. 

Now my newborn and I are settling into life together and even though this is my third book, I'm still basically panicking. I so hope you like the book. I so hope it gets more lovely reviews. I so hope it brings a dash of glorious joy to your days.  I so hope she's not a crier and lets us all sleep through the night. I so hope this baby analogy ends soon because it's wearing a bit thin, let's face it. 

I've gone mad! Buy the book, lads, I think you'll love it!

Thank you and I love you. The end. 

The A to Z of Us

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