22 July 2020


Waves crashing gently against the shore. Toes dipped in golden sand. The smell of salt in the air. OH BEACH, I MISS YOU! With 2020 thoroughly ruining our holiday plans, I know lots of us are turning to books for a little summer escapism instead. 

I've been blazing through some absolute beauties lately and these are my favourites...

THE NEW GIRL, Harriet Walker
Fashion Editor Margot's on maternity leave and replacement Maggie is proving a little too good at the job Margot fought hard for. This is a dark and compelling debut, diving head-first into the topics of friendship and motherhood with excellent observation. 
Available here

BEACH READ, Emily Henry
What a ROMP. Author January has major writing block after discovering her picture perfect family harboured a troubling secret, so she goes to the beach to find some peace. There she meets Gus, her former crush, who's rented a place for the summer to get his own book written. Sizzling sexual tension ensues.
Available here

THE LOVE SQUARE, Laura Jane Williams 
Oh Penny, so unlucky in love until three potential men come along. What's she gonna do?! I thought this was a funny, feel-good and super cute exploration of modern love.
Available here

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19 May 2020


SHOCK HORROR LADS! Recent stats prove we're all reading a lot more at the moment. My Kindle has certainly become my one true lockdown love, along with wine and a new-found conviction that I'm going to be great at upcycling. (Unlikely).

So, these three smashers are the best of my lockdown reads BY FAR and I highly recommend them all. I'd love to hear yours too.

IF I NEVER MET YOU, Mhairi McFarlane
Whip smart and super funny, this is an absolute gem of a book. Laurie embarks on a fauxmance with the office dish to make her ex jealous and all sorts of shenanigans ensue.
Available here.

ADULTS, Emma Jane Unsworth
Jenny's a mess but at least her Instagram is perfect. This is beautiful, tender and honest, an absolute must-read.
Available here.

I mean, what's not to love about a murder in the midst of an impossibly glamorous wedding in Ireland? I loved the split narrative and found it genuinely difficult to put down.
Available here.

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31 December 2019


How has your 2019 been, lover? I have spent a lot of time cleaning dog poo out of toddler wellies, so there's that 😬. One lady I know, however, has had a million more adventures!

Interiors designer Marit, from Norway, was so inspired when she read the Norwegian edition of my book The Year of Saying Yes that she's spent the past year following in Izzy's footsteps! "My life is full of everyday duties. I needed some more adventure and excitement in my life and was up for some challenges," she tells me.

So she wrote to Kamille, a glossy Norwegian mag, and pitched the idea. If you haven't read The Year of Saying Yes, journalist Izzy spends her New Year's Eve spectacularly failing at life and trundles back to London the next day feeling super miffed. She writes a list of boring New Year's resolutions and suddenly everyone at her magazine's first editorial meeting is talking about how they, too, have vowed to say no to things. But surely a new year should be all about saying yes to fresh adventure, rather than no to muffins? Suddenly the editor asks her to try 12 new things in 12 months and so begins Izzy's journey of a lifetime.

Back to Norway, and Kamille magazine loved the idea of Marit doing something similar for them. She adds: "I was so ready to step out of my ordinary life from time to time and try something new."

Just like Izzy, Marit has spent the past year stepping out of her comfort zone with challenges like...

Slam poetry (in which she wrote and performed a deeply personal poem for her father), going vegan, caring for a poorly little girl, visiting a recycling plant, nude bathing (which made her giggle), volunteering at a soup kitchen, giving a lecture to 200 women and so much more.

Throughout 2019 Marit has kept me updated on her progress and I have absolutely LOVED hearing all about her adventures.

She says: "You don't know what might happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you'll meet new people who will mean a lot to you, or learn something new that leads you in a new direction in life, or maybe you'll grow in confidence because you dared to try something new. You never know until you try!"

I'm bowled over by these words and wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Marit for being so brave, and for dedicating an entire year to this challenge. I'm so in awe of all the things you have done!

Thanks also to Kamille magazine for loving the idea and everyone in Norway who has read the book. Tusen takk! And I hope your 2020 is just as exciting.

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17 December 2019


🤶 Faux pearl hair clips from Zara which I'll get tonnes of use out of while wiping mud off my kids at the park

🤶 All the luxurious bathroom products so 2020 Hannah smells divine

🤶 A happy, healthy family

🤶 A feature commission in which I spend the next two months travelling the world while reviewing all the best spa hotels (possibly unrealistic)

🤶 Reviews for Just My Type and GUESS WHAT! You could help me with this one! Have you read it? Did you love it? I would be so chuffed if you took the time to give it a little festive review on Amazon.

Reviews are super important to us authors, first and foremost because they are an incredible way to connect with readers. I love to hear your opinions on the characters I've written and the dramas they get involved in. So if I know that you like something, I can totally focus on that! Want more fabulous female friendships? More travel? More romance? Less romance? Tell me and I shall deliver.

Also, reviews make our publishers happy, which is a bit like presenting your child's teacher with a prosecco at the end of the year. Never a bad thing.

If you want to be an absolute treat and send some festive cheer my way, please do drop a quick review of Just My Type on Amazon. And if you haven't bought it yet, it's currently £3.99 and the perfect laugh-out-loud read for your holidays.

Happy Christmas Elves! 
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