28 January 2016

January Reading List

Being an incorrigible bookworm made taking English Literature at uni seem like a sensible choice. I'd get the reading list at the start of each term and rush off to a book shop, ridiculously keen to have some shiny new books in my paws. 

Not that I bought every item on the list, of course. I never did start finish Ulysses and I *possibly* fell asleep during a seminar on Yeats. The Norse sagas were my faves. Which reminds me, did you watch The Last Kingdom on the BBC in December? It. Was. Brilliant.

To this day, I like to read a good mix of books. Here's what I've been curling up with this January.


21 January 2016

Ginger & Banana Best Ever Porridge Recipe

Sipping green juice, running off all that festive food, swapping prosecco for an 'invigorating' sparkling water... January can be a total basic b.

We need all the help we can get to make this month brilliant and I* think I've found the perfect way to kickstart the day. *I actually mean my mumsy, from whom I have shamelessly stolen this recipe.

We've been munching warming, nourishing porridge on these chilly winter mornings and ooooosh, does it taste good. Normally I spoon a load of jam on my porridge and have done with it. Ok, jam and milk. Ok, jam and cream. But when Mumma whipped up this incredible breakfast I was converted.


14 January 2016

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Sheffield

It's a prompt 11am for me. I push my keyboard out of reach, stretch, race into the kitchen and pile freshly ground coffee into a cafetiere. Or French press, if you're feeling fancy. 

When's your coffee break? 

Sometimes I like to treat myself and nip out for one. I work for myself, so it's a bloody exciting chance to interact with some actual humans! 'HELLO,' I beam at frightened staff. 'I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a cappuccino.'

I've been doing my research around the really rather lovely streets of Sheffield recently and I'm clearly not the only coffee lover in South Yorkshire. A whole host of coffee establishments have sprung up to keep us merrily caffeinated. 

Here are my 5 favourite coffee spots in Sheffield...

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