22 July 2020


Waves crashing gently against the shore. Toes dipped in golden sand. The smell of salt in the air. OH BEACH, I MISS YOU! With 2020 thoroughly ruining our holiday plans, I know lots of us are turning to books for a little summer escapism instead. 

I've been blazing through some absolute beauties lately and these are my favourites...

THE NEW GIRL, Harriet Walker
Fashion Editor Margot's on maternity leave and replacement Maggie is proving a little too good at the job Margot fought hard for. This is a dark and compelling debut, diving head-first into the topics of friendship and motherhood with excellent observation. 
Available here

BEACH READ, Emily Henry
What a ROMP. Author January has major writing block after discovering her picture perfect family harboured a troubling secret, so she goes to the beach to find some peace. There she meets Gus, her former crush, who's rented a place for the summer to get his own book written. Sizzling sexual tension ensues.
Available here

THE LOVE SQUARE, Laura Jane Williams 
Oh Penny, so unlucky in love until three potential men come along. What's she gonna do?! I thought this was a funny, feel-good and super cute exploration of modern love.
Available here

More book recs here, pals! 

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