30 July 2019


MATES. Where would we be without our best mates? It's World Friendship Day and though official days for stuff are obviously ridiculous, I'm never not on board with an extra reason to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives.

These babes, pictured above, are the sisters I got to choose. They are the cheese on my taco and the jam in my doughnut.* I love them so thoroughly that even the many miles between us can't dampen my ardour.

Friendship's a powerful thing, isn't it? And there are some fabulous books celebrating exactly that, so I've rounded up some of my favourites. Check out these little gems...

OUR STOP, Laura Jane Williams
Well this was GREAT. It's the story of Nadia and Daniel and their missed connections on a shared tube journey. Some seriously savvy writing makes this a gripping will-they-won't-they (half way through the book I was almost shouting at the two leads to just bloody stay put and wait for the other one to show!). But it's also a glorious representation of camaraderie, with Nadia navigating her friendships at the same time as her love life.
Available here.

Jess needs a break from LYF so when best friend Bryony offers her the chance to join her at Cannes Film Festival, she's all in. There's plenty going on in the book, what with romance and a dazzling holiday of a lifetime, but the main thing I took away was Bryony and Jess's glorious friendship. They help each other through tough times, egg each other on through fun times and eat all the French crisps in the process. Such a warm read.
Available here.

JUST MY TYPE, Hannah Doyle
Never not promoting the heck out of myself, I had to include Just My Type in this round-up. The book revolves around a huge dating adventure for Jasmine, who needs to stop going out with douches, and fast. She goes on seven different dates in seven different cities, but it's best pal Mila who gives her the kick up the arse she needs. I hope you enjoy their scenes together!
Available here.

* quoted Jasmine from Just My Type, didn't I?! Hashtag quote yoself.

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