30 October 2014

What to wear to a winter wedding?

A few summers ago I attended a gazillion weddings and, as well as floating around on a confetti cloud all season long, I generally went nuts over summery outfit options.

Because summer wedding attire is simple. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Bag? Job done!

But I'm having a right sartorial dilemma ahead of my friend's November nuptials. November = nippy so what the heck to wear?

I've been hitting the shops to try out some options ('scuse the changing room selfies).

I really liked this Hobbs dress...


15 October 2014

A York weekender

Husb and I have wanted to visit York for a while so we decided to time a weekend away with our actual wedding anniversary.

I know I know, we already celebrated that. But there's nothing wrong in eeking out a party, right?!

We hopped off our train and took a short walk to our hotel, where I got my priorities straight.

Throw luggage down. Run around room like an excited puppy. Champagne! 


3 October 2014

First wedding anniversary party

You know your mum is the best woman in the world when the following convo happens…

Mumma: 'Shall we have a little gathering for your first wedding anniversary?'

Me: 'Erm YES PLEASE that would be great!'

I can't believe it's been a year since Husb and I got married. If you can think of a less cliche way of saying 'it's flown by', well done you and please let me know. 

On party day, I lured one of my besties up from the West Country with the promise of cupcakes and bonding. 

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