7 April 2016

Party For One! The Perfect Solo Night In

Getting bored was Not An Option when I was little and, as an only child, that called for some creative thinking. Every member of my Sylvanian Family enjoyed a rich back story and I once spent an afternoon creating fake, fake nails using sellotape and Tipp-Ex. It wasn't my strongest look but I felt hella fly at the time. 

I may not chat to a family of tiny koalas any more (would if I could) but I'm still pretty good at throwing a party for one when I have an evening all to myself. It's all about getting comfortable in your own company, doing the fun stuff you can't usually make time for and chilling the heck out. Pretty simple, really. 

Here are 8 tips to nail your solo night in.

1. Smug start

Get an endorphin boost by going for a jog or doing a yoga class. Your limbs will be happy, you'll feel all kinds of smug for not starting the weekend at the bar and you can whack on your fanciest moisturiser post-shower. 

2. Prep prep prep

You're going to need supplies and your Party For One is way too chic for them to come from the local Nisa. Get yourself to a nice whole foods store and fill your basket with treats, hun. My current favourite solo supper involves buying a loaf of sourdough, soured cream, fresh dill, smoked salmon and an avocado. I lightly toast a slice of bread, mix the soured cream which some chopped dill and spread it on top, dress with layers of salmon and some sliced avo, then sprinkle on some lemon juice and pepper. It's really nice and so simple. 

3. Fancy pants

Tonight needs a cute outfit. Hopefully involving cosy socks and your hair piled into a bun. 

4. Forget about it

Laundry need doing? Pictures need putting up? Not tonight sugar plum! Make a list of any jobs or chores then fold it up and deal with it another time. 

5. Make a den

Uh-huh. Set the scene by turning your living room into the cosiest place you've ever seen. NOW is the time to absolutely cover your sofa in cushions and not worry about them being thrown off. Maybe grab your spare duvet and make a second lair on the floor. Scatter it with some magazines or whatever book you're reading. Buy some flowers, light some nice candles. 

6. Box set binge

Let's be honest, there are certain things that your other half probably doesn't want to watch. Like three New Girls in a row followed by back-to-back Mindy Project with maybe a First Dates thrown in for good measure. Store up these gems so that you can go absolutely nuts on them when you have the house to yourself.

7. Snack stocks

Salted popcorn whaaaaat? I tip mine into the adorable little popcorn boxes at the top of this post, which my wonderful sis-in-law bought for me. And also, chocolate. These Valentines chocs arrived around the time I gave up chocolate for lent and sat in the fridge for 40 days of torture. Until now!

8. Little treats

Smooth on a face mask or get going on a little at-home manicure.  When you've got the whole night to yourself, it does not matter if your living room smells like nail varnish. I like to shape and buff my nails before going all-out with base coat, colour, glossy top coat. I swear it makes the varnish last longer. Just make sure your snacks are easily accessible, otherwise you'll smudge your  newly painted paws on the chocolate box.


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