13 August 2015

Kale Apple + Avocado Supergreen Smoothie Recipe

I'm a real fan of smoothies for breakfast, they are so easy to throw together and absolutely packed with amazing nutrients.

Recently I've been using avocado as a base, rather than my go-to banana smoothie recipes, and I'm so pleased with the results! Avocado doesn't just boost the smoothie's health brownie points, it makes it really creamy too. Adding in green powder ramps up the savoury flavour so if you're new to veggie smoothies, maybe try a whole apple to start off with.

Here's my Kale, Apple and Avocado Supergreen Smoothie recipe...

1/2 avocado, flesh scooped out
1/2 green apple, roughly chopped
handful of kale, tough stalks removed
mixed greens powder, I got mine from here
cinnamon, a pinch
lime juice, to taste
coconut water

To make:
Tip the ingredients into your food processor and blitz. Pour into a glass and enjoy, then go and nail today!

Here's why this smoothie is good for you...

Dark leafy greens are full of nutrients and protein. If you're not keen on kale, try spinach instead. It blends up a little more easily and is just as good for you.

Green powder is the ideal way to cram as many good things into your smoothie as possible. I've been trying Neat Nutrition's Supergreens Powder, a blend of fruit, veg and herb powders plus some classics like spiralina and chlorella. It's 100% natural, high in fibre and gives me a real energy boost for the day.

Avocado are packed with healthy fats and great for your skin. As you only need half for this recipe, leave the pit in the second half and pop in your fridge. This should help to prevent the flesh from turning brown.

I use cinnamon to add a touch of sweetness and it's great at regulating blood sugar levels, keeping you energised until lunchtime.

Coconut water is super hydrating and, if you like an early morning workout, will replace the electrolytes you lost during exercise. It does contain naturally occurring sugars though, so go easy. I add a little water, rather than more coconut water, if my smoothie's looking too thick.

Ps For extra babe brownie points, sprinkle a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper into your smoothie to support digestion. 


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