11 May 2015

Health kick update

Avocados, bananas, 164 different types of lettuce… My kitchen looks like a mini Whole Foods right now. Side note: wouldn't it be the dream to have a Whole Foods in your own home? Life goals.

Anyway, I've been following my No Candy Before Scandi plans for a while now. I start my days with a spinach smoothie and if I've been for a morning run I'll add in maca powder. Sweet baby jesus, maca is my new favourite health food. It's said to have potent energy and mood-boosting properties and I swear I feel super productive after a maca smoothie.

I also whipped up a batch of raw chocolate brownies and have been munching them after dinner to stave off sweet cravings. They are packed with nuts and dates so they're filling with none of the chocolate bar guilt.

So last weekend wasn't a diet dream because our oven broke and we ate out loads. Sunday roast / bank holiday burger / HI CARBS!

This weekend, I decided to add in a few healthy tweaks. I bought some pistachios, rather than all the pretzels, to snack on at wine o'clock and swapped jam for mashed banana to top wholemeal toast one morning.

I also made a raw chocolate mousse. I used a recipe from Get The Glow with avocado, banana, cacao, coconut oil and fresh raspberries on top. I really enjoyed it but my husband did not agree. So we *had* to buy a bakewell tart the next day.

Still, it's about making a few adjustments and just aiming to be a little bit healthier. So far, so good!


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