18 May 2015

7 bargain superfoods

Buzzing around the health food store with armfuls of ingredients is my favourite way to spend a lunch break. Then I potter back home, unpack my health haul and tell myself that £20 on coconut oil is definitely worth it. Think of that summer glow!

But in the interest of not going bankrupt while attempting to eat well, I've been looking into some purse friendly superfoods too.

Here are my 7 favourite bargain superfoods…

1. Turmeric
There's stacks of scientific research to suggest that turmeric is one of the best sources of health-boosting antioxidants. I like a turmeric tea at 4pm to ditch that afternoon slump and, bonus points, it's meant to reduce bloating.
Make your own turmeric drink by popping some in a tea pot with grated ginger and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Add boiling water, leave to cool, strain and pour. Chuck in some lemon or honey if you have a sweet tooth.
You can pick up turmeric root at any supermarket's spice counter for like £1. 

2. Cayenne pepper
This little wonder aids digestion, boosts metabolism and is said to help protect you against colds. I sprinkle some on poached eggs, add to mashed avocado and put a dash in raw hot chocolate too. 
Another £1 winner.

3. Sunflower seeds
These guys are jam-packed with fibre, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Great before a workout, as a snack or sprinkled onto salads.
Less than £1.

4. Cinnamon
Cinnamon's a bit of a dreamboat, regulating your blood sugar levels and reducing food cravings. Throw a teaspoon into your morning smoothie for a nice flavour boost.
Another £1-er.

5. Water
Water with charcoal in it, birch water, water made from artichokes (srsly)… There's a trend for fancy H20 coming our way. 
But guess what? There's no need to spend £5 a bottle on water that's been squeezed from a dessert cactus. Get yourself a water filter, turn on your tap and boom, that's your hydration sorted. I'm not sure if I hit the recommended 2 litres a day but I make sure I always have a cup of hot water on my desk.
John Lewis do water filters from £16.

6. All the vegetables
Natural, fresh from the ground food is just about the best way to take on a whole lot of good stuff. I'm a big fan of kale, the most nutrient-dense green veg, but I also like to fill my trolley with loads of different coloured veg. They look pretty and inject a whole variety of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

7. Eggs
The complete package! Protein, healthy fats and they're oeuf-ully tasty too. (See what I did there? Yeah, sorry).
Make sure you get eggs from happy hens who've been free to roam.


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