14 August 2018


Author mornings are a little different to the Before Baby Days, now a glorious yet blurry time in my mind when I'd wake up at an acceptable hour, go for a walk before work, hell, maybe even make it to 9am without yoghurt in my hair.

I might get rudely awoken by two tiny emperors these days, and I definitely don't have time to take anything more than a cursory look at my face slash outfit, but I'm always excited to get to my desk and feel incredibly lucky to be able to count book writing as part of my career. So I thought I'd share with you how my working mornings pan out...

7 August 2018


Where you been this summer, boo? Tell me your news! I hope it has been a sizzler.

I've spent 98 per cent of the summer so far in my writing den, 73 per cent watching Love Island and the other 100 per cent (maths is not my strong point) doing some mothering. Oh and at least 2 per cent sunbathing. #Factor50Thick.

So HI HELLO THERE! I've been missing this blawg and thought it was high time I wrote a little update on life.

The past few months have been BI-ZEE, book-wise. First up, The Year of Saying Yes got a stunz summer makeover. Doesn't she look pretty?

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