13 September 2015

Where to eat and drink in Stockholm

Stockholm has a saucy reputation for being srsly expensive but there are ways to chomp your way through the city without a telling off from your bank manager.

First up have a rifle through Air B&B, because staying in your own apartment means you can make some meals at home instead of eating out every single night. Then spend your dinner money on lots of other lovely eating opportunities!

Here are my faves...

Bröd & Salt, Gamla Stan
Nestled in a square on the city's oldest island, this bakery is ideal for a little fika after a ramble around the old town. What's fika, you say? Only the best invention ever. You know that after-breakfast lull, when lunch seems like ages away? The Swedes fill it with coffee and pastries, the clever sausages.


7 September 2015

11 things to do in Gothenburg

Retro trams clattering along the streets, waterways weaving through the city and a huge dose of cosmopolitan culture make Gothenburg a seriously appealing place to visit.

Are you going? Wheeeeee! Here are my top 11 things to do in the beautiful city.

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