21 September 2016

My vegan-inspired Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl, aka The Kim

When my best friend went vegan a while back I'm ashamed to admit that my reaction was a teeny tiny bit *rolls eyes* at first. What the actual heck was she going to eat now? Twigs? Some half-decomposed apple from a tree, perhaps?

It goes to show how embarrassingly little I knew about the vegan lifestyle. Over the past couple of months I've had the luxury of hanging out with my best one loads... just dreamy given the fact that we live four ferocious hours apart. All the more dreamy thanks to her insistence on feeding me at every single opportunity.


8 September 2016

Late summer fling: Watermelon smoothie

Transitional wardrobes, cosy knits and log fire scented candles... So many people seem keen to get their autumn on already. But here's the thing, it's still the summer. UNTIL 22 SEPTEMBER! And we all know that the British winters can drag, so I'm officially refusing to use the a-word until 23 September at the absolute earliest.

Besides, I'm just back from a sun-drenched holiday in Cornwall and I'd like to keep these summer vibes going a little bit longer. Which means whipping up a totally tropical watermelon and strawberry smoothie. This recipe can't fail to make you want to throw on a bikini and soak up some last-minute rays.

Oh, and did you hear that there's a mini heat wave on its way? What are you waiting for?!

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