2 February 2022

NEW FOR 2022

Pre-orders at the ready... these fabulous new books drop in May and are SO worth a read.

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU, Laura Jane Williams

Ruby and Nic are perfect for each other but there's one seismic problem. She's leaving London and he's just arriving. One Night With You is yet another corker from Laura Jane Williams, filled with engaging characters who will come to feel like your real life pals. A dreamy will-they-won't-they. 

This one's out in May and available to pre-order now.


Well, well, well. This is the first time I've read a Laura Kay and it definitely won't be the last. I fell hard for Tell Me Everything. It's about Natasha, a therapist who does not have her stuff together. She's still living with her ex girlfriend and life is kind of messy. Gah! The book serves up plenty of goodness... romance and relationships sit alongside a smart and brilliantly fast-paced plot.

Also out in May and available to pre-order now.

A big ol' thanks to Avon and Quercus for the early reads.

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