18 November 2015

Train travel in twos

Being a passenger is one of the many perks of a road trip. You get to fill your footwell with snacks, kick off your shoes and stare out of the window. "LOOK... BABY COWS!"

The driver, of course, cannot look at the mini moos because they are busy staring at miles of tarmac. I learned a little about the tedium of endless driving during a marathon car journey back from France this summer. Nothing could save my husband from an entire day behind the wheel or the fact that I'd eaten all the snacks.

So when it came to a jaunt down to London for a friend's wedding, we decided to take the train. All aboard!


11 November 2015

A wet weekend in Northumberland

Autumnal mini breaks are brilliant... Escaping the rat race, sipping wine by a roaring fire and cooing over lush, rural scenes. Just don't forget to pack your umbrella because ohmydays, can rain it!

We loaded up the car with coats and boots before heading to the historical town of Corbridge, in Northumberland, for a very blustery weekend away.

Arriving after dark, we plonked down bags and scurried to the Black Bull in search of food. Thankfully Corbridge is on the miniature side so it took us all of two seconds to reach our destination. Which apparently is just the right amount of time to work up a raging hunger.


3 November 2015

Lindsey Kelk's A Girl's Best Friend: Blog Tour + Interview

Skipping through rust-coloured leaves and having a legit reason to use the pumpkin emoji... Isn't Autumn the best?

I've been prioritising Getting Cosy and have found THE perfect way to do it. Pour a glass of wine, put some massive socks on and grab a copy of Lindsey Kelk's new book A Girl's Best Friend.

You'll join photographer Tess as she bounces off to a very festive New York and promptly gets herself in a right old tizz over boys. Couple that with work dramaz and being bridesmaid at the wedding of the century, and Crimbo is starting to look a teeny bit stressful for Tess.

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