25 February 2016

Broccoli + sun-dried tomato salad

Mid-week lunches can get a little samey, can't they? I had Itsu's dumpling menu memorised by heart when I worked in town and now that my office is at home, avocados skip into my shopping trolley on the regular. I heart both Itsu and avocados but sometimes you need to shake things up.

Enter my new broccoli salad!


18 February 2016

Eight reasons to visit Switzerland in the summer

With it's snow-dusted mountains, bazillions of ski slopes and propensity for producing the perfect mulled wine, it's easy to see why Switzerland is so hot damn popular in the winter.

And while it is a little sleepier in the summer, when the après ski has long gone, the country is so worth a trip during one of the sunshine months. Because, guess what? There's tonnes to do if you fancy a holiday filled with fresh air, mountain views and some serious relaxation.

Here are my top eight to do's in Switzerland...

1. Grab a gondola


11 February 2016

How to deal with your cold like a boss

It's common cold season, that inevitable time of year when you can never have enough tissues. Lately, I got to thinking *Carrie Bradshaw goals* that there are two ways of dealing with a cold.

Option one: complain about it relentlessly to loved ones and the people of Facebook. #cold. Thermometer-in-mouth emoji. Yeah... no one wants to be that guy.

Option two: like a boss. Let's do this, soldier!


4 February 2016

Eight popular pictures to Instagram

FLOWERS! COFFEE! THIS LUNCH THOUGH! I've been looking back over my Instagram snaps and there's a definite theme to the things I most like to photograph.

I'll screech to a halt in the middle of the street / work / a meal and rage at my phone for never, ever having enough storage. Cue frantic deleting of old pictures... plus vaguely wondering why I took nine identical photos of a solitary tulip... before I can get the shot.

People have mixed feelings about Instagram, which I get. It definitely encourages a little bit of bragging. "Ohmygodyouguys, just look at my arm casually laden with all the new jewels." But if you don't take it too seriously then it's also a lot of fun. Just enjoy the good stuff, like making pretty pictures, admiring other pictures and maybe feeling a little inspired to nail the day / book a holiday / cook something delicious.

I've noticed that some snaps in particular bring in a lot of love. Here are the things I put on Insta, and the hashtags that go with them, which prove most popular...

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