23 February 2015

Shopping haul… Purse-friendly fashion

I'm having a lot of aggro chats with myself at the moment which tend to go like this: "No no, you really don't need to pop into Whistles right now." Or: "LOG OFF COS ONLINE BEFORE YOU END UP WITH MORE LOOSE-FITTING GARMS YOU FOOL."

But I'm trying to be a bit more 'sensible' because I've got tonnes of exciting stuff lined up for this year and I'd like to spend more money on maxing those adventures and less money on super expensive dry-clean-only tops made of sequins.

Obviously I'm not going to just stop shopping because WTF? Instead I've been scouting out some bargains and thought I'd share my latest purse-friendly shopping haul...


16 February 2015

Hen weekend in the Peak District

At the risk of sounding ridiculously girly, it's such a blooming honour when one of your best friends asks you to be her bridesmaid and I couldn't think of anything lovelier than being by my best one's side when she marries her favourite gent later this year.

Em and I have been riding high on dress shopping, prosecco quaffing and wedding chatting ever since. But there's one thing that I couldn't share with the bride-to-be… HER HEN DO!

With brilliant fellow 'maids Roz and Hari, we set about planning a weekend away that Em would hopefully love. Which meant we wanted to find somewhere 'cosy', possibly historical, fill it with her best ladies and make sure not one single peen-shaped item got through the doors.

I'd used Sykes Cottages for a couple of previous staycations so thought I'd have a browse on their website (which, btw, is super easy to use). Sykes came up with the goods once again and we found loads of lovely-looking potentials for our house party.

But it was Winster Hall in the Peak District that nailed it. JUST LOOK AT IT!


2 February 2015

5 dairy-free super smoothies to drink this week

Juices are all that. Like the new girl who starts in sixth form and suddenly all. the. boys. 

Well move over newbie… The smoothie is back. (At least, it is in my house). I've been rediscovering this breakfast treat thanks to the shiny new blender I got for Christmas, which I love a bit too much. 

I'm currently cutting down on dairy so I've been trying out combinations with coconut water instead of milk, though you can use actual water if you want. I'm also throwing in more veg than fruit because sugar's such a drama queen. 

Turns out smoothies are a quick, easy breakfast and a great way to take on a shit ton of nutrients at the start of the day. You're welcome, body!

Here are my five current favourites.

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