23 February 2015

Shopping haul… Purse-friendly fashion

I'm having a lot of aggro chats with myself at the moment which tend to go like this: "No no, you really don't need to pop into Whistles right now." Or: "LOG OFF COS ONLINE BEFORE YOU END UP WITH MORE LOOSE-FITTING GARMS YOU FOOL."

But I'm trying to be a bit more 'sensible' because I've got tonnes of exciting stuff lined up for this year and I'd like to spend more money on maxing those adventures and less money on super expensive dry-clean-only tops made of sequins.

Obviously I'm not going to just stop shopping because WTF? Instead I've been scouting out some bargains and thought I'd share my latest purse-friendly shopping haul...

^ ^

I was scampering around on ASOS and spotted this utter beauty of a dress for £25. I love the bold print and the fact that it TOTALLY MATCHES MY NEW GLASSES!

I wore them both for a night out with Husb and felt hella good 'til I spilled Henderson's Relish down my dress. But guess what, I chucked it in the wash and the stain came out and I didn't have to spend money at the dry cleaners or anything!

^ ^

I also found this top on ASOS and decided that I definitely need more Breton in my life. (I don't... I've got approx 1000 striped items in my wardrobe already). But this New Look number is off-the-shoulder AND it cost £9.99 so really, it would have been rude not to.

I'm waiting 'til I have a bit of a tan to wear it.

 ^ ^

I found this in H&M. I think it was £12.99 but I've lost the receipt and H&M don't have it on their website.

It's so easy to wear, I just chucked on tights, trainers and a leather jacket for a lunch date. My only complaint is that the skirt's too flared. Put it this way, I won't be wearing it on a windy day again.

^ ^

Final buy, some stationery! I've loved new notebooks / pens / folders since forevs and ain't no way I'm changing just because I'm, whisper it, 31. I found these two cuties in Paperchase for around £12 in total and will be filling them with work ideas slash plans to take over the world from now on.

Total spends: £59.98



  1. Stripe love x The print on the H&M dress is really cute too x
    Laura | A Life With Frills 

  2. Thanks Laura! I blooming love a stripe x


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