23 April 2015

Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw: Review

Picture your dream summer self and I bet lithe limbs, glowing skin and maybs a coconut water clutched with coral-coloured fingernails come to mind. Which all seems a teeny bit daunting after a winter spent festooned in layers, munching all the chocolate.

But don't panic, because a saviour is swooping in to rescue us and our pasty chops. She's called Madeleine and she's just released Get the Glow, a fabulous new cookbook. Look... isn't it pretty?

So, nutritional health coach Madeleine is off-the-richter-scale enthusiastic about eating well and she's packed those positive vibes into the book. She knows that what we put into our bodies is reflected on the outside and advocates a diet absolutely rammed with nourishing things. There's no counting calories ('memba them?) or ditching good fats here.

Instead, Madeleine talks you through a six week plan which will help you to make sensible choices about sugar, cut back on gluten and offer you a whole load of delicious recipes in the process. Plus she acts as a brilliant cheerleader along the way, managing to say things like "I want you to fall back in love with yourself" without making you do an eye roll.

And she's kind of a brilliant advert for her own life rules. I give you Exhibit A…

Instagram @madeleine_shaw_

Exhibit B comes in the shape of the disciples she has gathered on her journey. Millie Mackintosh is a big fan and she doesn't look too shabby either...

Instagram @camillamackintosh

So I was pretty keen to get cooking when Get the Glow landed on my desk.

I tried the Griddled Chicken, Roasted Lemon and Olive Salad first. You chuck finely sliced lemons onto the griddle when the cumin-spiced chicken is nearly done for a lovely, tangy taste, mix up a dressing using natural yoghurt and lemon zest, and plate up with little gem, sliced green olives and some pine nuts on top.

Quick to put together, filling thanks to the olives and nuts... this was uh-mazing.

Next up,  Madeleine's Lentil and Tomato Soup. A quick side note here: You know when you're trying out new health recipes and you're like "ohmygod why so many ingredients I don't already own?" Well I was pleased to see that some of Madeleine's recipes keep it pretty simple and this one is a store cupboard dream, using a base of red lentils, ground herbs and tinned tomatoes.

It took less than 30 minutes to put together and was so warming. It's also packed with flavour and will become my new go-to soup when I'm running low on fresh ingredients.

Then we tried the Ginger Steamed Snapper Parcel with Cauliflower Rice and Chard. Amazing smells of the orient filled the kitchen as my husband cooked this, using sea bass instead of snapper, and I loved unwrapping the baking paper parcels at the table. Like a little dinner time present!

The cauliflower rice, spiced with health-boosting turmeric, was delicious and the whole dish felt super-healthy but really filling too.

Three suppers in and I'm hooked on this book. It's beautifully presented with pretty photography and the food is so super tasty that you don't feel like you're missing out on anything. Just dreamy.

And guess what? It's out… NOW! Grab yours here.

And don't forget to check out Madeleine's website for the latest glow-giving inspo.

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  1. I am absolutely loving this book too! The recipes are all winner, thus I am getting rave reviews from the people I feed in my house! (Thanks for that Maddie... I'll take all the credit)


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