27 April 2015

No candy before Scandi

Holler at me, summer! The sun-soaked season is just around the corner and I'm hella keen for more of the good stuff (freckles, flip flops, toes in the sand...)

I've also decided to commit to a pre-season body boost. Mostly because I ate three different types of cheese, a stack of blueberry pancakes and a whole pot of cream atop a tarte tatin this weekend.

It's time to feel fitter and healthier so I've set myself some goals before my summer hols in Scandinavia. That's right, it's NO CANDY BEFORE SCANDI.  (Yeah… soz 'bout that).

^^ Happy summer face ^^ 

Here's the plan...

I'll stick to eating healthily during the week with loads of smoothies, light lunches and fresh suppers on the menu. I'll be pouring over Get the Glow and the Hemsley sisters' cookbook for recipe inspo. I tend to trip up in the evening when I'm tempted by chocolate and chocolate is most definitely not allowed right now. So I'll be whipping up my raw brownies as a nutritious alternative. 

Usually I'm all about indulging at the weekend. But for the next few weeks I'm going to try and stick to super healthy food all the time, so weekend treats like pretzels / 672 helpings of dessert are out. I'll be scoffing loads of fresh fruit or gluten-free banana bread instead. 

I run twice a week but I'm in a bit of a rut so I'm going to push myself to run longer or faster. I've downloaded RunKeeper to track my progress. I'm going to add in a lunchtime walk too, because working from home means I don't actually need to leave the house, like, ever, so I'm going to stretch my legs more. 

To feel healthier, more toned and maybe even wave goodbye to a couple of pounds. There's nothing extreme about my new Scandi diet, just lots of eating well and moving more. 

So, that's it. I'm starting RIGHT NOW and I'll be keeping you updated with how it goes. 

Let me know if you're on a pre-holiday health kick too - we can totally do it together! 

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