13 April 2015

The things in my home office that make me smile

After five years at a magazine in London, I packed up my desk feeling giddy slash petrified about leaving the office and working for myself. 

And on Day One of my new career as a freelancer, I hit the first self-employment hurdle. YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN WORK ENVIRONMENT!!! What the heckers? I stood in my completely empty spare bedroom, twiddling my thumbs while wondering if it would ever feel like a 'proper' office. 

I filled it with the essentials (desk, bin, folders, even a fancy chair which is good for my back) but, 18 months on, it's the little extras in here which really make me smile. Here are some faves… 

OMIGOD envelope
When the musical version of Legally Blonde arrived in London I was asked along to the gala night and the invite came in this beauty. I was smitten. I've kept it ever since because omigod it's so cute.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
This fills my office with a beaut smell when I remember to use it, which is probably once a week. I like to think that I'm doing my hands some good as I type away, though my greasy keyboard might disagree.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil
My nails are brittle even though I eat all the avocados so I smooth some on every morning while I'm having a coffee. It's my new routine. I'm not sure if it's actually doing any good but one of the beauty girls on Stylist swears by it and I ruhlly like Stylist.

Scrabble coaster
My best girls in the world gave me this on my hen do. Scrabble AND my initial AND somewhere to put my coffee? Dream gift. Whether I'm crazy busy or all I can manage is way too much procrastination, this reminds me that there are more important things in life than werk werk werk.

Pretty stationery
After years spent squirrelling dull diaries and naff notepads from the office stationery cupboard, I've gone stationery crazy. Cray-tionery? Ok no. But I cannot walk past Paperchase or Muji without spending all my dollar on pens or books. Brainstorming with a rainbow of pens makes me more productive... promise.

Chocolate bar USB stick
YES, A USB STICK IN THE SHAPE OF A CHOCOLATE BAR. There is really nothing not to love about this. And when you work for yourself, having a little LOL because you've got half a chocolate bar hanging out of your computer is important.

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil tablets
I was sent these to try out and put them on my desk so I remember to take one every day. Wiley's Finest use quality ingredients (sustainable fish, no nasties) to give you a hefty shot of Omega 3. These guys are good for your heart / brain function / eyes, which is brills, and they encourage healthy hair, skin and nails. I've been loading up on these fish oil tabs and I'm mildy besotted by the fact that my skin looks clear in spite of a weekend of weddings, partying, all the wine and no sleep. Just dreamy.

You know my thoughts on this. I'm never knowingly more than 10cm away from a pot.


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