30 March 2015

Over courgetti? Some other veg ideas for yo spiraliser

I've eaten approx 2073 courgettes in courgetti form since I got my spiraliser. And just as I was about about to purchase numbers 2074-5, it dawned on me that maybe it was time to mix things up.

So I got hunting for recipes involving different spiralised veg. Here are my faves...

CUCUMBER makes coodles

Hemsley + Hemsley's Sesame Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles (Red mag have the recipe here) uses two cucumbers as the base of the dish, which serves two. 

Obvs cucumbers are mostly water so spiralising them was a messy little mission and my kitchen was 99 per cent cucumber juice by the time I'd worked through both. But it was definitely worth it. Teaming raw cucumber noodles with chicken, chinese cabbage and toasted sesame seeds made for a really light, refreshing dish.

Coodles don't feel as substantial as courgetti, so I'd recommend this for supper on a warm day or as a lunch. 

CELERIAC makes... celerietti??! Nope, celeriac noodles will do. 

A recipe for a Celeriac Noodle Salad with Feta, Lemon and Asparagus on Kitchen Daily took my fancy. One celeriac is all you need to feed two.

I thought this tough root veg might be difficult to get through the spiraliser but it was surprisingly easy. The only downside was that I used the smallest blade setting and some of the noodles stuck together, so next time I'll use the bigger blades for hopefully fatter noodles.  

After warming the noodles through with lemon juice, there's a surprising sweetness to them as well as the classic earthy / buttery celeriac flavours. They work like a dream with the asparagus, lemon and feta. This is definitely a new favourite. 

CARROT makes carrot noodles

All I fancied was a super quick Stir Fry so I stuck to my own 'recipe' for this… sizzle garlic and chilli in sesame oil, add whatever veg you fancy to your wok, chuck in noodles and a glug of soy sauce, squeeze over lime juice and serve. Instead of my usual udon noodles I added in five spiralised carrots to feed two.

It could be a shape thing, but spiralising carrots didn't actually produce noodles - I got finely-sliced carrot curls instead. So my stir-fry ended up looking like just a bowl full of chopped veg.

Still, the carrots held their shape and crunch after hitting the wok so I didn't feel like I was missing out on carbs. This is a tasty, filling dinner and so so easy when you can't be faffed with much cooking.   

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  1. I vote that carrot noodles become carroodles!
    Great blog, I was beginning to wonder what the hell else my spiraliser was good for.
    And now I'm hungry too.


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