16 October 2020


Like one long groundhog day, this year seems to have whizzed by and staggered along in equal measure. It's the middle of October and my main achievements for 2020 are, um... oh. Wait! I'm writing book three. That's an achievement! And I'm still standing, so there's that too. How are you doing? 

It may not have been a year for nailing achievements but the main thing is that we're looking after ourselves as best we can, right? For me that involves pulling on some super soft joggers and reading a lot of books. These are my October faves... 

THE WISH LIST, Sophia Money-Coutts
Sophia is excellent at writing gorgeous, funny characters you quite want to be friends with so I was really keen to meet her latest protagonist, Florence, in The Wish List. Eternally single, Florence is shoehorned into visiting a love coach by her step mum where she writes a wish list describing her perfect man. A couple of days later, along comes Rory... but is he actually perfect? I'll leave it to you to find out, because you really must. I think this is Sophia's best book yet. 

THE SHELF, Helly Acton
Amy probably should get married and have babies soon so the idiot she's dating will have to do... Until he dumps her on live TV and enters her into a reality show called The Shelf. Think Big Brother but for newly single women who will spend the next four weeks learning how to be better at dating. LOL. This is fresh, feminist fiction at its best, I loved the concept and how deftly Helly explores her characters. 

THE TRUANTS, Kate Weinberg
I stayed up way too late devouring this, the literary love child of Agatha Christie and Sally Rooney. Jess heads off to university to find herself but ends up falling into dangerous relationships in this gripping mystery. 

Need more book recs? 

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