27 November 2017

A glitter hater's guide to Christmas

I love a sequin. Absolute LOVE! There are a few too many sequinned items in my wardrobe and even my wedding dress was bedecked in them. (If you'd like to see it I've popped a pic at the end of this post.)

So it's sequins for the win in my book. But glitter? Oh hell no. Sure, it shines and catches the light just like a sequin. But get too close and those tiny, shiny little buggers will stick like glue. The other day I picked up a glittery tree decoration and that night I found glitter in my bra. That stuff's got a mind of it's own.

I don't know why I've got a broken glitter gene but it makes the festive season, one of my favourite times of the year, a right old minefield. For those of you with a similar affliction, I've come up with some ways to navigate Christmas with minimal glitter in your underwear.


1 November 2017

Festive Reading List

What do you mean it's way too soon to be dropping the C bomb? No, wait, I totally agree. It is way too soon to be dropping the C bomb. The general consensus in our house is that Christmas doesn't get a look in until after my birthday later this month. But feeling festive is still allowed, right? Guys? Stay with me!

The problem is, I cannot walk past a fairy light without feeling all warm and cosy right now. So this year I'm throwing caution to the wind and feeling incredibly festive before it's socially acceptable to feel incredibly festive. Which means that I've been reading lots of Christmassy treats and it would have been rudolf me not to blog about them. (Soz).

Here are the books I've been getting up to snow good with. (Someone call the pun police).

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