29 January 2018

Four actually good baby cookbooks

Baby led? Spoon fed? Getting food into your baby opens up a whole new world of baffling parent phrases and there is so much (too much?) advice out there on how to wean your baby. These are the recipe books I found super helpful both in the early days of weaning and now that my twins are eating All The Food. Like, I think we might need to buy a second fridge.


12 January 2018


Weddings are my crack. Whether it's shaking my tush on the dance floor as a guest, bonding with a best one as bridesmaid or briding the shiz out of my own big day... I just can't get enough!

Which is odd, because I couldn't have been less bothered about getting married, growing up. I didn't force Barbie and Ken into pink, frothy nuptials and I certainly didn't dream about my perfect white dress. But when friends started getting married I was suddenly all in. And now that the tidal wave of weddings has slowed to more of a trickle, I get most of my fix through books.

Here are my top four reads with a wedding theme...


2 January 2018

Why New Year resolutions are the worst

Yours might be super noble and worthy (go you!) but mine are mostly rubbish. Stop eating chocolate. Don’t drink wine for a month. The truth is, none of the lame New Year resolutions I make are ever going stick.  

I mean, it’s January for a start. We’re not even half way through winter, the holidays are over and a zealous commitment to mince pie eating means my favourite jeans are a right old struggle to zip up. It’s literally THE WORST time of year to be stripping out fun things. 

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