29 January 2018

Four actually good baby cookbooks

Baby led? Spoon fed? Getting food into your baby opens up a whole new world of baffling parent phrases and there is so much (too much?) advice out there on how to wean your baby. These are the recipe books I found super helpful both in the early days of weaning and now that my twins are eating All The Food. Like, I think we might need to buy a second fridge.

THE BABY-LED WEANING COOKBOOK, Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett
This was leant to us before the babes arrived and has become such a firm favourite that we've failed to return it. (Sorry Ben and Pips!) The book offers plenty of advice on baby-led weaning and the easy-to-follow recipes are mostly met with enthusiasm by my boys, which might sound like a tepid review but I promise it's not. Foods go in and out of fashion quicker than Kylie Jenner changes hair colour and yet lots of these recipes are eternal faves, which makes it a lifesaver. Find it here.

This book is such a winner that my mum has a copy too. She lovingly cooks all the things I can't be faffed to make, which is one of the many reasons why visits to Granny's house are met with ridiculous enthusiasm. Recipes are broken down into seasons, there's plenty of advice on nutrition and weaning, and meals are geared towards the whole family which makes menu planning easy. I think I've made 8942 Baby Baked Apples this winter and the babes still can't get enough, which is ideal because they are SO easy to put together. Find it here.

THE ART OF EATING WELL, Hemsley & Hemsley
Obvs not a baby book, but The Art of Eating Well is packed with great options for little ones. I didn't want to introduce too much refined sugar into my kids' food* and the Banana Bread recipe is stuffed full of good things like ground almonds and flaxseed, making a really nice pud for tots. Their Vanilla Maltshake is flagged up as popular for children and, when my boys are old enough to help out in the kitchen, I think the Socca Pizza recipe will be lots of fun to make together. Find it here.

LIVIA'S KITCHEN, Olivia Wollenberg
Trying to feed the babies stuff on a spoon is messy AF and if there's no porridge on the walls by the end of breakfast, we consider that a win. So my husband's started making a v popular banana cereal bar and I recently found a great Raw Granola Breakfast Bar recipe in Livia's book. It's full of fruit and uses pureed apple to bind everything together. I wrote a full review of the book here, btw.

*Thought of the day: NO JUDGEMENT. There are so many opinions on the right and wrong way to feed your baby and just because I'm swerving sugar for my little ones doesn't make it right for everyone. I think the most important thing is to go with your instincts and do what feels right for you and your baby.

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