21 February 2018

Davina's Kitchen Favourites

Guess who's back? Back again? It's only blooming Davina with a sizzling hot new cookbook! Davina's Kitchen Favourites sets out to provide simple, healthy, refined sugar free recipes for the whole family.

There's a lot to like about this book. Firstly, Davina's enthusiasm for healthy food makes you want to get in dat kitchen asap. Secondly, her thoughts on the word 'healthy' itself are simple and sensible in an industry where things can get a bit bonkers. Davina says: "If you tune out the nonsense and the fad diets and the pseudo-science, there are clear nutritional rules that will help us all live longer and live better." Praise be, b*tch.

This is a book geared to feeding your family, be that little ones or older relatives. I'm currently cooking for my twin toddlers (more on my fave baby cookbooks here) and LOVED the ethos of Davina's Kitchen Favourites. Recipes packed full of fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbs and pulses? Let's gooooo!

First up I made a Winter Minestrone with celery, carrots, borlotti beans and cavolo nero. Tonnes of veg, with the added tastiness of a parmesan rind thrown into the stock. You can chuck in some pasta too, but I found this lovely, warming and super filling as it was.

Next came the Barley Risotto, another veg-tastic number (broccoli, leeks, courgette, peas) where traditional risotto rice is replaced with pearl barley. BTW, most of the recipes in this book have a ten-ingredient limit so you wont find yourself wading through the world's longest shopping list before you've even started cooking. THIS RISOTTO WAS AMAZING! It's much simpler to make than the classic recipe (you throw in all the stock in one go and stir only every now and then) and was still so creamy. A firm favourite of mine already.

High up on my to-cook list next are Huevos Rancheros for breakfast and the Pumpkin Gnocchi with Spinach for supper, but there are so many delish recipes in this book that I have a feeling I'll be coming back to it time and again for inspo. Davina has done it again!

Davina's Kitchen Favourites is out on February 22 and available here. I was very kindly sent this copy to review. 


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