24 July 2015

Smögen, West Coast of Sweden

It took just two weeks in Scandinavia to make me realise that I am, in fact, secretly Nordic. Or at least I wish I was. The style, the seafood, the landscape... It's an incredible part of the world.

We flew to Copenhagen and spent a few nights in Denmark before travelling up to Gothenburg in Sweden. After Gothenburg (once you learn how the Swedish pronounce this you will NOT be able to stop saying it) we hired a car and drove an hour north for our third stop.

Smögen on Sweden's Bohuslän coast. This babe...

We* turned off the motorway and wended our way through the islands, knitted together by bridges, which make up the west coast of Sweden. Think quaint red buildings, lush farmland, rocky outcrops and glimpses of the sea at every turn.

*Husb did the driving, I ate the snacks.

Then we pulled up in the eye-achingly beautiful Smögen. Dumped our bags, thanked the weather gods and went out to play.

Smögen's an old fishing village and these fisherman huts are a classic Swedish scene. More recently it's become a popular summer destination for the Swedes, Danes and Norwegians and you'll find shiny yachts lining up against fishing boats in the harbour.

Plus endless rocks for exploring and stumbling across amazing views.

At this point in the holiday I'd developed a worrying three-courses-for-breakfast habit, so I was pleased to find a juice bar.

Until we found a surf shack selling wine in jam jars. Facepalm.

After plenty of exploring / wine-drinking we moseyed back to our hotel, Smögens Hafvsbad. Hi, cutey!

It has a typical Scandi feel, all fresh and white with a seaside twist which I loved. If the weather hadn't been so beaut, I'd have happily spent my time padding around the place in my hotel slippers and towelling robe.

Oh and did I mention THE SPA?

Gorgeous pool, obligatory sauna and you can book yourself in for some treatments if you fancy.

But my husband had other ideas. The hotel bar.

All the Bohuslän towns pride themselves on the freshness of their fish, plucked straight from the North Sea, so it would have been rude not to try some. We strolled back into town, found a restaurant overlooking the sea and hunkered down for tapas.

Note: On the west coast in summer, the sun rises long before you're awake and doesn't set until gone 11pm. Which means fabulous sunsets and the potential to sunbathe post-9pm. The dream.

More on those sunsets soon!

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