27 July 2015

Sunsets in Smögen

After the obligatory three course breakfast, day two in Smögen involved boarding the world's cutest ferry and cruising over to Hållö.

All aboard!

We scrambled up the rocks and onto the island, a nature reserve famous for its lighthouse.

^ Famous lighthouse.

After looking at that for a bit, it was time to get exploring and suddenly HELLO Hållö! We found the most beautiful fresh water lakes nestled into granite boulders.

That's a lake ^ with the sea in the background. Ridiculous.

Carrying on over the island's pink stone, I felt a bit like Indiana Jones as I successfully navigated a huge ravine without breaking something. Indiana is blates a girls name, anyway.

There were only a handful of people on the little island but Hållö is clearly the place to park (?) your boat and some in-the-know seafaring folk had set up camp for the day.

After being safely deposited back in Smögen and another walk along the buzzing boardwalk, it was time to make the most of the sunset. Which could only mean one thing... A picnic.

Note: In Sweden, you can't buy alcohol in the supermarket. You have to go to a government owned Systembolaget for anything other than low per cent beer and be warned, they do not have chiller cabinets. I KNOW! I swerved an evening of warm white wine and grabbed a bottle of red to go with our picnic goodies.

Purchases made, we set up camp.

It stayed super hot well into the evening and the combination of picnic, sunset and sunbathing is my new favourite.

We attempted this rather spectacular selfie to celebrate one of the most magical nights.

Then settled in to wave goodbye to the sun.


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