18 November 2015

Train travel in twos

Being a passenger is one of the many perks of a road trip. You get to fill your footwell with snacks, kick off your shoes and stare out of the window. "LOOK... BABY COWS!"

The driver, of course, cannot look at the mini moos because they are busy staring at miles of tarmac. I learned a little about the tedium of endless driving during a marathon car journey back from France this summer. Nothing could save my husband from an entire day behind the wheel or the fact that I'd eaten all the snacks.

So when it came to a jaunt down to London for a friend's wedding, we decided to take the train. All aboard!

^ More staring out of windows for me, only this time my designated driver got to join in.

I made some homemade bagels for extra wife brownie points.

SUPER DELICIOUS BAGEL RECIPE: Slice your bagel, spread on some pesto, top with proscuitto and sliced mozzarella. Sprinkle on some pepper and hey pesto! (Sorry).

Husb helped himself before I ate them all.

Bagels and all the complimentary cookies demolished and we were in the capital in no time, all thoughts of traffic jams and petrol station loos (blurgh) a distant memory.

^ We were greeted by this Disney Christmas tree at St Pancras. I believe I'm one of the very few people on the planet who *whisper it* doesn't like Disney, so I was a smidge disappointed with St P's festive efforts this year.

But the seamless train journey and happy, non-driving husb more than made up for it! I booked our tickets using the Two Together Rail Card I'd been sent to review. You pick a travel partner, spend £30 for a 12 month card and get discounts on any journey you and your nominated train pal make together. Perfect for Christmas shopping or weekend jaunts away.

We saved about £30 on our London trip and promptly spent it on prosecco. Ideal!

You can order your card and get more info here:  Two Together Railcard.


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  1. 2 things! Bagels look delish, will be stealing that idea. Secondly, totally with you about that tree, vile, such a disappointment.


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