14 January 2016

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Sheffield

It's a prompt 11am for me. I push my keyboard out of reach, stretch, race into the kitchen and pile freshly ground coffee into a cafetiere. Or French press, if you're feeling fancy. 

When's your coffee break? 

Sometimes I like to treat myself and nip out for one. I work for myself, so it's a bloody exciting chance to interact with some actual humans! 'HELLO,' I beam at frightened staff. 'I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a cappuccino.'

I've been doing my research around the really rather lovely streets of Sheffield recently and I'm clearly not the only coffee lover in South Yorkshire. A whole host of coffee establishments have sprung up to keep us merrily caffeinated. 

Here are my 5 favourite coffee spots in Sheffield...

Forge Bakehouse

French toast and berries. Chorizo and eggs. Croissant, sourdough, tiny little pies. Forge Bakehouse is pretty darn great for the breakfast of champions, and don't forget to order yourself a coffee to go with. Mmm hmm. Full of flavour and with coffee art to put a smile on your face. 

Find Forge at 302 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FL

Steam Yard

Did someone say COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS? Yes, yes they did. Ask for the Steve McQueen at Steam Yard and you'll be slurping hot coffee and licking sugar off your lips in no time. I love this place, tucked back from Division Street and with a enticing seating area out front. As well as good coffee and 'nuts (hur hur) from Sheffield bakery The Depot, Steam Yard offers thoughtful finishing touches, like a vat of water for customers while they queue. 

I went in December. They don't always have a Crimbo tree outside... that would be weird. 

Find Steam Yard at Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division Street, S1 4GN


All exposed bricks and super cool decor, Tamper's got that edgy vibe going on. There are two in the city, but I like the one at Sellers Wheel. You can spread your work out, enjoy endless brews without even leaving your seat thanks to the table service, and the staff are super friendly. Oh, and if you hang around long enough on a Friday, you can switch your latte for a cocktail. 

Find Tamper, Sellers Wheel at 149 Arundel Street, S1 2NU


My inner city fave and not just because you can sit next to a giant bear. The coffee is deep and rich and there's always the option to treat yourself to a ruddy HUGE slab of cake if you're feeling saucy. Sit outside on pretty Norfolk Row in the summer or cosy up next to ted in the winter. As well as providing you with a very nice coffee, Marmadukes is quite the treat for Insta fans.

Find Marmadukes at 22 Norfolk Row, S1 2PA

Hathersage Social Club

Not technically Sheffield. More Peak District. But if you're exploring those peaks, make time for a pit stop at the brills Hathersage Social Club, about a half an hour outside of Shef. We went on a very rainy winter's day and felt instantly cosy here. The coffee is ultra pretty and you can enjoy a WAFFLE CHASER if you're that way inclined. Because there's a waffle menu. Repeat. There's a waffle menu. Make sure you book ahead at weekends. Oh and Hathersage is very cute and worth an explore, too.

Find Hathersage Social Club at Station Road, Hathersage, S32 1DL

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