10 May 2014

Summer skin boost

Now that the temperature is gradually on the rise, I'm starting to shed some of the many layers I've been cocooned in over the winter. 

See ya later, second jumper!

It also means the countdown to getting my limbs out has begun... and I need a serious beauty boost before that can happen.

Thankfully, the lovely ladies at Spa Find have come to my rescue with this little bundle of joy.

I've long been a fan of their shampoo and scalp mud but this young upstart - the Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing Treatment - is a new rival for my affections.

It's a serious exfoliator. There's no faffing around mid-shower with this guy, you need to apply it on dry skin before washing it out.

But it's worth it. Dead Sea salt buffs away old skin cells, and coconut oil leaves you feeling super smooth post-shower.

Next stop, I slathered on High Strength Body Balm and I can't praise this enough.

It's allergen free, which suits my sensitive skin, and it's got this deliciously light citrus scent which encapsulates summer and kind of makes you want to eat it. (Don't.)

Most importantly, though, it's deeply nourishing and felt like the perfect way to round off a good old exfoliate. My skin felt soft for days.

By this point my hair was feeling a little left out, so I massaged Spa Magik's Hair Magic Serum through my wet locks, wrapped 'em up in a towel and pranced around for five minutes before showering it out.

I let it dry naturally - I avoid my hairdryer like the plague because I find any heat treatments dry my long locks out.

The result of my serum-fest? Hello, glossy hair!

I'm yet to try the Sunsafe SPF 50, because I'm a naughty little sun worshipper and I use a lower factor when the spring sun is out.

So if you can't find the time or the dollar to get to a spa, I'd recommend giving these little lovelies a go.

Now I just need to stop myself from singing Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Summertime on a loop.

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