23 May 2014

Insta-crushing on Rosie

Confession time: I've developed a shiny new obsession. Instagram perving. 

Not on boys... on clothes. Instagram is packed to the rafters with stylish little selfie-takers and I can't get enough.

The feed commanding my attention right now belongs to Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue.

Instagram / rosiefortescue
Instagram / rosiefortescue

Think fabulous fashion finds, oodles of #ootd and plenty of pretty jewels, mixed with a bit of luxe and the odd sausage dog.

So really, what's not to love?

Rosie's latest Insta offerings have got me wanting a French mani with a twist and a lot of pink roses. Which is weird because I don't even like roses.

Plus, her monogrammed Whistles bag is all kinds of perfect for summer.

Instagram / rosiefortescue
Instagram / rosiefortescue

It's not just Rosie who keeps me pressing the refresh button. Here are some other Instagram recommendations...

Elle magazine. Mostly beauty products with a smattering of fashion and quite a few cocktail snaps, this feed has a super summery feel.

Lorraine Pascale. You know Lorraine... bakes amazing cakes. Right now she's on a summer fitness mission and has been busy cooking up lots of healthy new meals. Because she's such a love, Lorraine will often write the full recipe in the caption underneath.

Sonja Stephen. This little wonder is a friend of mine and Editor In Chief of Cosmopolitan Middle East. I KNOW, right?! Follow her for dreamy beach snaps of Dubai and luxe living in the sunshine. Perfs.


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