29 May 2014

Long distance relationships

I'm a nomad. Leave me in one place for too long and I start to get fidgety. 

I've moved all over the shop and I love it... picking up friends and exploring new cities along the way. 

But there's one major drawback. My besties are all over the ruddy country! 

I met this wonder while working in Bristol.

Happy days back in Bristol.

Seven years on and she's now the ultimate grown up, settled in her beautiful Wiltshire home which boasts actual chickens and a pheasant. 

But I'm still on the move, which means we have to make do with a long distance romance. 

Last weekend, Kim came to stay with her husband Gareth.

As it was completely pissing it down, we decided a trip out to the Peak District would be a great idea.

We found a cave and went on a tour underground but, as we squeezed our way down into the depths of the earth, I came over all anxious.

So I surfaced above ground and made another friend. He's also cool about the long distance thing.

Totally baaaa-my about this guy.

Meanwhile the intrepid explorers marched on, emerging later looking pretty excited post-cave explorations.

Babe in the caves. 

Blue coats are a thing right now. 

Husband practiced his tourist pose. 

Sure. Why not? 

Because she's a wonder, Kim presented me with a beautiful bunch of roses having learned from my blog that I now like roses

That's one of the major downsides of no longer living in the same place. All the trivial stuff, like what flowers we like, doesn't get a look in as we catch up on all the bigger stuff, like what jumpers we like.

Too. Pretty. 

We rounded off the weekend with endless eating, drinking and games of Articulate.

And as the merry-makers made their way back home, I was safe in the knowledge that I'll be seeing them again in just a few weeks.

In your face, long distance!


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