21 May 2014

Celebrity breakfast inspo: Juicing, honey!

I once found myself sitting opposite a rather famous American celebrity in the very polished surroundings of London's May Fair Hotel.

I was interviewing her for a magazine and she was working to a tight schedule, so we agreed to combine our chat with breakfast at her hotel. Two birds, one stone.

The menu looked delicious, but my date didn't need to see it.

Actually, she barely needed to look at the waiter... her fabulousness infused the air with 'I'm ready to order' signals which brought him bustling over telepathically.

"I'll have an egg white omelette," she began, before listing ALL the things which simply could not mar her breakfast. Butter, a calorie, flavour (probably).

My breakfast of old. Nuh-uh honey. 

Breakfast arrived. Mine comprised of a full fat latte resplendent with a slab of chocolate on the side. Hers, a black coffee and a pile of white goo on a plate.

I devoured the chocolate in one go, hoping she wouldn't see. No such luck.

"Honey, that's not a breakfast," she said, eyeing my dirty British eating habits with disdain.

I should point out that this woman had made a name for herself as a dancer. So, a famous American dancer. Therefore, TOTALLY in to eating well.

"Oh. Right," I stumbled. "How should I get myself in to peak condition, then?"

"Honey," I'm assuming this was a term of endearment and not an advocation of the sweet, sticky stuff. "Honey, you gotta eat less and work out more. You gotta eat clean."

What I like to munch now. 

My new Stateside bessie was right. After gabbing about her life for way longer than we were meant to, I left the hotel feeling inspired to super charge my breakfasts.

I'm never hungry first thing, but I am thirsty, and recently the wonders at SaVse sent some juices to try. "Drink your greens" they told me.

SaVse smoothies are jam-packed with goodness. 

Pretty colours, happy breakfast. 
OK! I've been necking one each morning this week and I'm hooked.

I love their strawberry, orange, celery, kale, broccoli and spinach smoothie. Refreshing, filling and full of vitamin C make it a win win.

The broccoli, pear, spinach, kale, kiwi, lemon and banana is another favourite. It tastes delish and is the colour green. My fave model EVER Rosie Huntington-Whiteley likes a green juice and she always looks ridiculous.

Strawberry goodness. Don't mind if I do!

My least favourite is the beetroot, apple, avocado, lime, mango and lemon flavour, which was just a bit too beetrootry (a word?) for my morning tastebuds.

That didn't stop me drinking the whole thing and feeling all kinds of virtuous afterwards, though.


These beauties are cold pressed which, if you're into science, means none of the flavour and nutrients are lost through heat treatments.

SaVse raw smoothies have no added sugar and count as two of your five a day, so stars like Michelle Keegan and Pixie Lott are big fans.

Plus my American dancer friend would totally approve, honey.


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