12 May 2017

New mama TLC guide

During a particularly spesh NCT class, we parents-to-be were asked to compile a timetable showing what we expected life to be like when our babes arrived. Blissfully ignorant Pre-Baby Me pondered a glorious schedule of cuddles and feeds interspersed with naps for the tots and plenty of time for me to relax.

Then my twinnies arrived and I realised that any spare second not dedicated to keeping my tiny humans alive is, in fact, spent laundering their food-splattered clothes / mainlining coffee. It's so easy to forget to look after yourself but ruddy heck, ladies, it's also really important to do exactly that.

So yesterday, when the actual sun came out, I spent an entire 45 minutes SUN BATHING while the babies slept. Forty-five big ones! That kind of shiz hasn't happened since Summer 2016. But let's face it, 45 minutes doesn't come around very often so I've whipped up some speedy TLC ideas to give us new mamas a boost.

1. Buy some flowers
There's nothing more cheering than a house filled with pretty blooms. I do a smash and grab around the flower section at Lidl (true story: their flowers last and last and cost about 1pence) on the regular.

2. Sit in the sun
Babes asleep? Get those chops in the sun! A little Vit D will give your mood a boost and might bring out a freckle or two. Here follows the face I pull whenever the sun comes out... Hot stuff, I know!

3. Extended shower
OR MAYBE EVEN A BATH! I've managed a whopping one bath over the past six-and-a-half months. (Not Queen Victoria style... I do shower every day, promise). Somehow running a bath and then sitting in it seems like a bit too much of an ask with twinnies to look after, but if you can, do. Instead I'm all about the longer than average shower, with super hot water, oodles of steam and some hearts drawn into the shower glass because that's just how I roll, yo.

4. Face mask
I love L'Occitane's Instant Hydration mask, which rehydrates in three mins flat. Maybe don't hang out with the babies mid-mask though, mine aren't so keen on mummy with a shiny face. One of my boys also screams to high heaven when I sing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" to him, so there's that.

5. Face oil
Put a few drops in your hands, warm your palms together and inhale before you pat on your face. Just smelling something divine like Decleor's Aromessence NĂ©roli is super rejuvenating.

6. Holiday dreaming
Okay, so you may not actually get there because oh-my-days-so-much-to-pack and nine-hours-on-a-plane-with-two-tiny-people-no-thanks. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with whiling away a merry ten minutes looking at far-flung, super luxe holiday destinations. And hey, maybe you'll even be brave enough to book one! We just have and we're off to... Norfolk. Husb and I thought we'd have a holiday dry run of sorts, taking the babies on vacation in the UK before attempting somewhere further afield. And who knows, maybe Norfolk will deliver as much sunshine as our trip to Cornwall.

7. Snack like a champ
It goes without saying that there will be days when only 763 Mars Bars will get you through, but keep some better-for-you treats in stock too. Nakd and Bounce are my go-to good snacks and are perfect for a much-needed energy boost.

8. Take a walk
A blast of fresh air will do absolute wonders. I snap pretty scenes on my phone with one hand and attempt to steer my two-baby buggy with the other. It doesn't always go smoothly, admittedly, but every now and then the pram remains on the path and I get a nice picture to boot.

9. If in doubt
Unleash a fancy bottle of wine and enjoy a big fat glass. You deserve it!


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