25 May 2017

Madeleine Shaw interview

She's the green-eating goddess, Insta star and purveyor of the prettiest cookbooks, and now Madeleine Shaw has released her third book. A Year of Beautiful Eating is jam-packed with seasonal recipes - my review's coming soon - but first lovely Ms S has stopped by for a little question and answer sesh.

As a new mum, I'm super keen to hear how pregnant Madeleine is working her healthy lifestyle around that little bun on board! Read on for her thoughts on pregnancy fitness and starting the day in the best possible way...


H: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Have you changed how your fuel your body now that you’re expecting?
MS: Thank you so much! I graze a lot more, I am always hungry so I love to cut up a big plate of fruit or veggies and just munch through it.

What recipes from A Year of Beautiful Eating do you find yourself craving?
My fave recipe for sure is my tray-roasted cod, I could eat that every day. I also love my vegan banana and peanut butter loaf, it’s so delicious!

Have your tastes have changed? Like, is there anything you used to love and now hate?
I have always loved fruit and in the early stages of my pregnancy I had a real aversion – which I was gutted about! Now I’m totally back on it, I absolutely love snacking on fruit.

How have you modified your fitness routine to accommodate your bump?
I’m doing much more slower-paced exercises like yoga and stretching. I’m putting more focus on strengthening my core and preparing my body for when the baby comes.

What’s your advice to other mamas-to-be when it comes to eating nutritiously through pregnancy?
I would say listen to your body. Our bodies are absolutely amazing and they are growing another little person so it will tell you what it needs.

Are you excited about planning glow-style meals for your baby when the time comes?
I’m so excited! It’s going to be really fun coming up with loads of new ideas.

You’re so busy with work… how do you keep your energy levels up all day? 
It’s so important to have a big breakfast; that would be my tip. I love a nice big plate of eggs with smashed avo or a veggie-packed omelette.

And do you have any energy-boosting secrets you’d like to share?
Breakfast is my first one – it is so important. Also, carrying little energy-boosting snacks around with you; my raw chocolate peanut butter brownie bites are amazing, you can make a batch of them and graze on them through your busy week.
What recipes A Year of Beautiful Eating would you recommend to new mamas like me, who want to be healthy but don’t have much time to cook?
My new book has loads of delicious one-pot recipes which are great because you can pop everything in one pan or tray and cook it; without much prep needed.

With summer just around the corner, which recipe from the new book is your go-to on sunny days?
Summer for me means time for big bowls of refreshing, colourful salads. I love my Summer Lovin’ Bowl; it’s packed full of beautiful veggies and so delicious. 

Thank you, Madeleine!

You can buy A Year of Beautiful Eating here and be sure to take a look at her beauts website madeleineshaw.com

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