4 February 2016

Eight popular pictures to Instagram

FLOWERS! COFFEE! THIS LUNCH THOUGH! I've been looking back over my Instagram snaps and there's a definite theme to the things I most like to photograph.

I'll screech to a halt in the middle of the street / work / a meal and rage at my phone for never, ever having enough storage. Cue frantic deleting of old pictures... plus vaguely wondering why I took nine identical photos of a solitary tulip... before I can get the shot.

People have mixed feelings about Instagram, which I get. It definitely encourages a little bit of bragging. "Ohmygodyouguys, just look at my arm casually laden with all the new jewels." But if you don't take it too seriously then it's also a lot of fun. Just enjoy the good stuff, like making pretty pictures, admiring other pictures and maybe feeling a little inspired to nail the day / book a holiday / cook something delicious.

I've noticed that some snaps in particular bring in a lot of love. Here are the things I put on Insta, and the hashtags that go with them, which prove most popular...


Basically anything lying flat. I took this pic of the newly revamped This Is Hannah (cooey!) on my desk against a white background, added a black and white filts for a bit of snazziness and tagged #flatlay. Also, note the obligatory smoothie in the background. I do love a smoothie. Which brings me to subject number two.


These guys are my favourite weekday breakfast and super easy to make. They are just as popular with the healthy types on Insta. Share a pic of yours, add #smoothie and see what happens. I PROMISE I did not match my smoothie to my outfit on this occasion, btw.


Isn't there something incredible about watching the sun come up? It feels so positive and full of promise. "Oh hey, new day, I'm coming atcha!" Instagram agrees, these guys are super popular and a jolly nice way to spread some love in the mornings.


Same as above, really. This #sunset was taken in dreamy Smögen, on the West Coast of Sweden.


I have a teeny tiny thing for fresh flowers. Just a smidge of a thing. Okay, I absolutely blooming love them (see what I did there?). I like to buy a fresh batch each week to spruce up my home and you can guarantee that I'll be sharing a snap of said blooms at some point. Roses are my particular fave, though I'm having a tulip moment right now too. #flowersofinstagram


Next time you find a fancy floor, snap it and add #ihavethisthingwithfloors. Because A LOT of people have this thing with floors. I love a good floor photo so much that my BFF demanded to know why her beautiful new bathroom tiles hadn't made it onto my Insta while I was staying with her a while back. Little did she know I'd already got the shot and was waiting patiently for some 4G in #rural #wiltshire.


As in, #blooms and #floors. Winning.


I'm convinced I would be 99% richer if I didn't spend a lot of time mooching around working in my favourite coffee spots in Sheffield. And I'm clearly not the only one who likes a latte. Or cortado, the new kid on the block which I'm too scared to order. With coffee getting prettier by the day thanks to all that #coffeeart, a nice snap of your morning brew will go down a treat.


1. If you want to play around with a picture on Instagram without actually sharing it, switch your phone to Airplane Mode. You can still use Instagram and go through all the motions with filters etc, it just won't be able to share it at the end and the new snap will still be saved in your photo library.

2. Get the app A Beautiful Mess. It costs peanuts and allows you to add borders, doodles and text to your pictures. Try not to LOL too hard when you doctor snaps of your friends and send them round in a group WhatsApp.

3. Try VSCO Cam and Afterlight. Both offer tonnes of filter options and Afterlight will give you those wide wide borders lots of people have on their grid.

4. Come and say hello at thisishannahgram!


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  1. I have big time envy of all your pics so will now be following your rules!! xx


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