21 February 2014

Winter Face Ache

Snuggling up by a crackling fire, buying more toasty jumpers than truly necessary, finding every excuse to drink mulled wine ("It's Friday! Thursday! Wednesday! Breakfast!")... there are so many reasons why I love the winter. 

Sadly, one thing lets this season down. My face!

At the start of winter, just as the chill sets in, my skin's still got a happy, post-summer glow.

But I feel it slipping away just after Christmas (possibly thanks to endless carb-loading and a few too many mulled wines for breakfast).

Then, like clockwork, Crazy Grumpy About My Face Hannah arrives.

This year, having armed myself with a January detox plan and more health foods than you could shake a stick at, I was hoping not to suffer from the annual Winter Face Ache.

I've been eating a LOT of green things. 

However, here I am, blighted by not-so-fit February skin. It's dry, dull and I'm totally over it.

I feel bad for my face. I keep forcing it to endure brisk winter walks followed by hours locked in my office getting bombarded by central heating.

I know I'm not doing it any favours. I read somewhere that the water in your skin actually freezes when it's freezing outside, which sounds all kinds of yuk.

Making the most of some winter sun. 

So I've informed my husband that we must move to sunnier climes forthwith.

I'm thinking, the south of France. I can spend my days swanning around the Riviera avec laptop, penning features while absorbing plenty of Vitamin D.

But I'm not entirely sure that he's taking me seriously. So for now, I guess it's back to doing a little sun dance every morning and spending way too much on fancy moisturisers.


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