18 February 2014

Late to the party

Here I am, just a couple of millennia behind the times. 

I'm not usually so tardy. In fact, I used to attend parties as my actual job (as a journalist, not a lady of the night) so being on time was pretty much essential.

And yet I've been ridiculously late to the party when it came to creating a blog.

I'm blaming my Twitter obsession, but it's finally dawned on me that 140 characters just isn't enough.

There's nothing more frustrating than having to go back and crop out grammar for the sake of a microblog, and I ruddy love grammar.

Drinking wine and playing games have been taking up valuable blogging time.

Plus, I've got some brilliant friends who have been blogging for ages.

Like the beautiful AND hilarious Kim Willis. Her blog, Lunacy Of Ink, is here if you want a peak at something a smidge more profesh.

Anyway, it was clearly high time I jumped on board.

So, welcome! Do stay tuned for my thoughts on married life, friendships, being 30 etc, as well as the occasional snippet of celebrity gossip.


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