19 November 2019


HELLO! This never-ever-ending rain is fun, isn't it? I've been hibernating with all the books and thought I'd share my latest favourites with you. If you like the sound of them then you too could... treat yo-shelf.

Shall we move swiftly on from that, the world's worst pun? Let's.

American Royals, Katharine McGee
Juicy, absorbing and fast-paced. American Royals is set in an alternate America which has a monarchy, and tracks the lives of Princess Beatrice - destined to be the country's first female monarch - and her twin siblings Samantha and Jefferson. Poor old Bea falls in love with a "commoner" right when she's meant to be picking an aristocratic husband, Sam's acting out because she feels eclipsed by her big sister and Jeff's being stalked by the world's most terrifying ex-girlfriend. The book is a delicious mix of swirling teenage hormones and the gilded lives of the ultra rich... like The OC hooked up with The Crown.

The School Run, Helen Whitaker
Since becoming a mum I often wonder if I have also become 100 per cent batshit. (Spoiler alert: I have.) I've started inhaling anything to do with motherhood and my current obsession is the bang accurate and hilarious Motherland. So when I heard about The School Run I had to dive in and I'm so glad I did. It's a tale of mums literally competing to get their kids into an over-subscribed London primary and is incredibly fun, ultra relatable and blissfully reassuring in equal measures. I really recommend this to any parents, though maybe not when you're trying to figure out which school you'd like your own kids to go to because HI THERE nightmares.

It Happened on Christmas Eve, Kirsty Greenwood
I'm two mulled wines away from wearing my Christmas jumper in November and it's Kirsty Greenwood's fault. I follow Kirsty on Instagram and when I saw her new novella was out and I had to buy it immediately, even though I usually wait until December to get festive. I'm so glad I did though, because It Happened on Christmas Eve is an absolute delight. Phoebe hates Christmas and yet Phoebe is forced to hang out with Christmas-enthusiast Adam on Christmas Eve. Much hilarity ensues. You'll devour this like a mince pie.

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