1 October 2019


On the hunt for some school photos for a friend's hen do recently, I uncovered a couple of old diaries in the process and OH how they made me laugh. It was an absolute joy to be transported back to teenage life!

Here are some life lessons 17-year-old Hannah has brought to my attention...

💘 All hail the MAC counter. "An AMAZING week" consisted of buying make-up and drawing pictures how said make-up would get on my face before nights out with my best ones.

💘 It's all about priorities. Panicking about getting good A Levels would be swiftly eclipsed by crushing on 1000 boys.

💘 Thank you, NEXT. Three full diary pages may be devoted to one beautiful young buck, but if he didn't say hi to me at The Bus Stop then it was buh-bye, boy.

💘 Bacardi Breezers were once incredibly chic. "Breezer" for short, kids.

💘 Some things never change. Here's a direct quote from a night when I had no plans aged 17: "I played some music really loud, then started to watch Poirot but I couldn't concentrate so went to bed at 9:45 to read a magazine." DECEASED. I still do this now.

💘 Jeans and a nice top will never grow old.

💘 What is it about older brothers? My best friends and I all fancied each others'. As an only child, this meant I was one of the few to escape unscathed from this torment.

💘 Self care looked a little different back then. There was nothing a little 5ive on the actual stereo couldn't fix.

Have you read your old diary lately? I'd love to hear your youthful gems, too!

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